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Finland, land of the thousand lakes, where the sun does not set in the summer and Northern lights turn the skies into the most beautiful colors you can imagine. Finland is truly a one of a kind travel destination. Not many other countries in the world provide travellers with such spectacular highlights. The combination of impressive and rygged nature, cozy wood cabins and the beauty and modernity of Helsinki attract travellers from all over the world.

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Lapland is a region of contrasts: during the winter months Lapland is a big winter wonderland. Here your chances are great to witness the northern lights, go skiing or dog sledding or simply enjoying a beautiful winter lanscape. During summer the midnight sun will keep Lapland lightened for almost three months. During this time Lapland lends itself perfectly for all kind of outdoor activities like hiking and mountainbiking. Both extremes are experiences you should not miss!
And if you like animals, you will love Lapland: here you will find more reindeers than cars!

Northern Lights
If you are travelling to Finland during the winter months, you simply have to include an Aurora Borealis adventure to your itinerary. This spectacle occurs during more than 200 nights every year in Finland (especially in Lapland). The pictures of these colourd lights brightening dark and cold nights will stay in your mind.

Siida Cultural Center
While staying in Finland you might want to take the chance to learn about the people, culture and history. The Sami are responsable for Finlands' traditions. The Siida Cultural Center is the perfect spot to get to know everything about the Sami you ever wanted to know.

The Fortress of Suomenlinna (or Fortress of Finland) is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Built in the second half of the 18th Century, the Sea Fortress spreads over six separate islands and is an impressive example of great military architecture.

Temppeliaukio Church
Temppeliaukio Church, or the Rock Church, is a cathedral you will not find anywhere else in Europe: scooped out of solid rock and was only finished in 1969. The interior walls still show the rocks and the church is covered by a copper dome.

Uspenski Cathedral
Built in 1868, Uspenski Cathedral is the biggest Russian orthodox cathedral in both western and northern Europe. Furthermore the building is an example of beautiful Russian architecture.